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On-Site Supervision

on-site masonry construction supervision

One of the questions Donnie gets asked quite frequently is ” Who will be overseeing the masonry work?” It is imperative that a qualified craftsman and supervisor is on site at all times. This is not only proper procedure from a quality standpoint of any project, but is a safety requirement as well. Everyone knows that a thoughtfully coordinated masonry construction job goes hand in hand with a financially successful masonry construction job.

In a small business such as Donnie Rosicka Masonry, the customer may come into contact with only a handful of personnel from our company on a day to day basis. Very rarely are there new faces on a site once the job commences. The strategy is a simple one: once the job becomes familiar to the craftsmen, it is less time consuming and less stressful on all involved for the same people to see the job through to its completion. We believe this concept results in a higher quality job. You want to hire a professional masonry crew that will start and finish the job successfully.

On a closing note, quality, professional on-site supervision is of utmost importance when coordinating a job efficiently and to ensure your job executes with other trades as seamlessly as possible. This requires respect. Respect not only for the profession and the desire to perform it successfully, but respect for each other in all of our endeavors. Donnie is convinced that respect on the job is repaid many times over.

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