Donnie Rosicka Masonry NW Florida Masonry Background

Masonry Construction (Glass Block – Concrete Block – Brick – Stone – Tile)


During the almost forty years that Donnie has been involved in the masonry trade, there have been a wide variety of projects that Donnie Rosicka Masonry has been involved with. Most numerous are the integrated block and concrete projects for both commercial and residential industries. With the industries’ continual upgrade and increasingly rigid wind load requirements in all segments of construction, Donnie Rosicka Masonry finds that more and more often they take responsibility for the block and concrete portions of the jobs they work on. While block and concrete work seems to be a mainstay for the company, it is certainly only one aspect of the kind of masonry work the company likes to do.

Donnie has spent a good portion of his career in the bricklaying department. He has been involved with residential, commercial, educational and sports affiliated construction.

Entryway with Brick Walls & Concrete Steps with Broken Tile Inlay - Baytowne Wharf, Miramar, FL

Donnie has always (maybe incorrectly) considered concrete work to be another facet of masonry since concrete and masonry are both accomplished using almost the same components. Masonry mix is a combination of Portland cement, washed sand and lime. The lime gives the mix its workability. Concrete is a mixture of Portland cement, washed course sand, aggregate (of varying sizes) and a whole slew of admixtures for different designed mixes and uses.

There are many different facets to the masonry industry. While Donnie Rosicka Masonry has seen and accomplished almost 40 years of masonry work supporting construction projects in Northwest Florida, they still have many ‘rows to hoe.’ Donnie has always said thought that “if it uses mud, we can do it.”

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